About me

My name is Martine Serrien but children call me Nouna.


For many years I have tried to make my dream come true and if you read these lines, it’s because I have made it!

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years and I am a true self-made woman.


And though I had to go through quite a few ordeals in my life, I NEVER gave up!


There were times, in my life as a woman, when I laid down my arms. But each time there was a sign to show me that life’s difficulties were meant to lead the way.


And even when I stumbled on a step or if it was too high for me, I went on making my way.


Life can be pretty horrific, at times, but there is always a reason. Despite the negative opinions and criticisms I may have got, there also has been the admiration from many others. And that is what gave me the courage to climb that mighty mountain, in the literal and figurative sense. Some friends of mine know now why Iceland was a revelation for me in 2015.


This current project is my reason to live and enjoying life to the full is my philosophy of life. It is this project that helped me heal some of my biggest sufferings, grieve and find inner peace, at last.

That is the reason why I do my utmost to help all these children and their parents come together in a new living area that looks promising.


Let us all embark on this great adventure that has just begun!





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